Holy Mackerel!
There's a LOT of us out there.

Originally I intended this page to be a map of the World Showing the locations of Chenery seasonal and non-seasonal migration.  I know a couple things right off the bat:

  • One is that someone in the line emigrated to the US early on and that we have an ancestor that served in the Continental United States Army during the Revolution of 1776.  There's a gravestone in Maine.  

  • Two is that I met this guy that actually works at AOL with me and his name is Luke Chenery.   He's from Australia and according to a Cid Chenery, "I understand most of the Chenerys in Australia are related. A story about two brothers landing in Sydney a while back."

  • Three, Penny Chenery, of the Chenery family branch in Richmond, VA owned the famed racehorse Secretariat

It's not too surprising that there's a branch of the family that wound up in Australia.  Now I don't mean to cast dispersions upon our good name, but the fact that we got pushed out by the Normans and then went to the Colonial US and Australia can only mean that we've been a little underfoot where the rest of the world has been concerned..... or that we've got a bit of the outlaw in us.  : )

So, in light of the fact that is is a little impractical to show the ENTIRE globe on a webpage at the moment, I figured I could at LEAST have some links to Chenery stuff found on the Internet.  Who've thought that we're out there in the Ether.   : )

My Dad's Website
We had Royal connections
Chenery Travel - Based in Suffolk England
The Chenery Auditorium in Kalamazoo Michigan
Chenery Middle School in BelMont Massachusettes (available in August 98)

NEW! We Chenery's have an affinity to the US Navy (courtesy of Google.com). My father served in the USN and I was a Naval Science Cadet at Virginia Military Institute.

Assistant Paymaster Charles E. Chenery, USS Narrangansett. He was a Wisconsin Chenery. This Link provided by Paul Chenery in England. Contrary to his e-mail, I have no leaning to the confederate site. Suffice it to say, having relative on both sides of that fence, that I am neutral ... a shade of steel blue I guess.

Also NEW! Paul also provided me with a link to a page which indicates we also have a prediliction towards soccer, or "football" to be polite. My father as well as I was a soccer player, although not paid for it as one of our relatives was.

Civil War Enlistees of the Chenery name, found at Ancestry.com.

FamilyLynk.com provided a couple of genaological hits, one dating back to 1664

THIS JUST IN! I found out that a few Chenery names were imbedded into a microchip, placed on the starcraft Stardust and sent into Space to visit a comet in 2004.

Google.com provided a 6 pages in pictures section. See if you're there!

Other Random Hits:

There's a Chenery Street in

  • San Franciso, California

  • Springfield, Illinois (home of the Simpsons)


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