Things that I have made
I actually have one of the best jobs around.  It's fun,
constantly changing and just plain cool.  I have also
had the opportunity to make a few areas for THE major
online service in the World.

The picture below is the doormat to two keyword designs that I produced for AOL Fan Central. I must stress that I do NOT work for AOL Productions as a graphic artist.


Strategic Interactions: Strategic Interactions supplied me with a picture, a logo colorscheme (purple and yellow), a single color logo (yellow triangle) and a handout brochure that they had produced.  I created the rest of the art and the layout.  Not to hard really, but a good first web production for a company.
NMP Crosstraining  (password and Login required) - these are the people I now work for. I didn't do the design, but I DID do the HTML that made it work.
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