Owen Finn Chenery Arrives
May 2002
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Dig the CRAZY hat, man.   : )
(I think it's actually a teuk)

A very talented man I used to share a pod wall with, named Mike Golay, has provided Owen with his first digital gift. It is the gift of music titled in honor of his entry into this world. It is an achingly beautiful, simple and very soothing tune. It conjures images of my sleeping son. To me it is perfection. I am indebted to Mike and plan to put it into some format that will allow Owen to listen to it and fall asleep.

Baby With a Hammer | 1.3MB mp3 - Golay Tuning: DADGAD, capo II. I wrote the bones of the melody of this tune late one night after seeing Leo Kottke at the Avalon in Easton, Md. What you hear is my writing process (basically, digitally diddling) and only a small portion of the tune. Getting its skeleton down (barely and somewhat shabbily) was in truth just an excuse to record my new custom Taylor. I was more or less set on calling it one thing, but news of the birth of a son (their first) to my favorite couple I never see, Chip and Mary Chenery, shored up the title. Welcome to the world, Owen Finn. I'll finish this one in a bit (sans capo - it needs to growl more), after the fingers have recovered from an all-day session. For now, you get some rest and enjoy the warmth and protection of that little hat. Taylor to RV-3 to USB.


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