Arlington, VA

AOL Proprietary tools: Form Edit, Slideshow Tool, AOLPress, Visual Publisher Designer, Rainman
Graphics Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, MS Powerpoint, Aldus Pagemaker, Quark Express
Additional Software: MS FrontPage, MS Word, MS Excel, Scanning Software, Claris Filemaker Pro, MSAccess
Programming Languages: Fluent in FDO 91and HTML, Familiar with Java, C, JavaScript, PERL, UNIX and TCL

Professional Experience:
November 1995 - present America Online Corporation, Digital Marketing Services/AOL, Vienna, Va.

Associate Technical Manager

Managed three employees for the construction of now defunct AOL AAdvantage website. Provide Graphics support for Online art to be used in keyword area construction as well as online promotions for Sweepstakes on AOL AAdvantage website. Maintain and oversee operation of current online area AOL FreeTime Online and Credit Center to include editing or creating AOL Server Dynamic Pages for use on website ( as well as expert level HTML editing, graphics support and User Interface/Page Layout responsibilities. This includes expert knowledge of AOL content publishing systems, intermediate use of UNIX, training employees under my purveyance to functional competency for three major methods and technical languages used for moving content from database to user's browser/AOL client. Tasked to provide technical support for any project using AOL Proprietary technology and charged with making recommendations to senior management to gain the highest level of efficiency between AOL proprietary and Web Systems languages used for the AOL FreeTime Online systems. Will expand skillset to include SAPI programming as well as SQL database interaction for this calendar year.

Additional responsibilities revolve mainly around providing graphics support for ongoing image/illustration efforts. This includes image treatment, logo creation and overall design skills for online areas and powerpoint presentations.

Technical Integrator

Serve as technologist to identify relevant new technologies and determine how to integrate into the Market Research or Member Retention/Rewards systems. Identify and evaluate further areas where the Rewards and Market Research programs can expand into other Internet Communities such as Games and Software Companies. Maintain AOLRewards keyword areas, manage and maintain the DMS websites (, and and work with new partners to integrate their websites and online areas into the AOLRewards program. Graphics support when necessary. Use contacts within AOL production community to facilitate new technology development for current survey websites such as sounds and encryption routines as well as addressing caching issues on AOL's web proxies. Assist in troubleshooting and problem solution where necessary. Create functional mockups on AOL and the Internet for Business Development <graphics and technical construction>. Mentor other employees and help train them to increase their skillsets.

InterActive Media Developer/Graphic Artist

Primarily employed to maintain online areas for AOL content providers such as Nickelodeon, ABCNews <slideshows>, ABC Kidzine, Blackberry Creek, Corp Comm Employee bulletins and pop-ups, and several International partners.

Participated on the New Media Development cross training team. Charged with developing AOL system for educating online area production unit to produce web based areas. Team required to generate cross training process and implementation plans and documents as well as web based area construction guidelines and standard software tool set.

Additionally responsible for the creation of new online areas and ongoing maintenance of PrimeHost online area. Further duties include website graphic creation and online keyword area art design, layout and construction.

Content Producer/Graphic Artist: Interactive Commerce/PrimeHost

Responsible for the creation, construction, and maintenance of an America Online sales area called PrimeHost, a web-hosting service for small businesses. Duties included art design and layout, user interface, production of the online area using AOL proprietary tools, technical functionality and testing, content generation and maintenance of the online information.

Also incorporated into business development team for online and web-centric profitability and technical feasibility meetings. Contributed technical expertise of online systems and perspective on possible business development projects.

Assistant Producer/Graphic Artist: Interactive Commerce/Marketplace

Job Description:

Primary duties included maintaining CUC Remote Managed Gateway client areas for online commerce. Learned all facets of proprietary software applications and incorporated new technologies into established online commerce areas (surcharged file download). Used extensive knowledge of proprietary software to build, expand and refine new or current online commerce sites. Completed digital construction projects according to production schedule. Trained and managed new Assistant Producers to use proprietary software to construct online areas.

Additional responsibilities included providing departmental graphics support using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and proprietary animation software. Assisted other producers with art related questions and production related problems, especially in regards to Macintosh platforms.

May 1994 - November 1995 Jorge Scientific Corporation, Graphics Division, Naval Research Advisory Committee Support , Arlington, Va.

Senior Analyst/Graphic Artist:

Job Description:

Responsible for providing original Graphic illustrations and manipulating stock images and artwork for use in reports, briefs, and publications from the Office of Naval Research's Naval Research Advisory Committee (NRAC). Additionally responsible for compiling the artwork and text provided by the committee and to produce the briefs, presentations, reports, and publications used in advising the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research and Development. Other duties include maintaining office computing hardware and software as well as troubleshooting and data backup.

Prior to supporting the NRAC, assigned to the USMC office for the Joint Countermine ACTD to provide graphic and desktop publishing support to generate briefings used to create and obtain funding for a new military program.

Duties outside those at the Naval Research Advisory Committee included providing original artwork for use by Jorge Scientific Corporate headquarters, user support, and graphics support of third party clients such as Hughes Aircraft Simulator Corporation and the Defense Science Board.

July 1993 -
May 1994
Mortgage Lending Services, Office Operations Division Reston, Virginia

Database Specialist:

Job Description:

Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the mortgage processing database. Required to produce requested reports. Created new and experimental formats to refine the current flow of data necessary to keep pace with the fast pace of the corporation's expansion. Additionally responsible for streamlining current software and testing/installation of applications for accounting packages. Served as Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable officer and responsible for tracking income and debt from monthly loan averages of over five million dollars. Provided user support in a DOS environment. Provide advice and recommendations for expansion of computer and network capabilities of office. Analyzed competitive bids for network and workstation enhancement. Advised President and Vice President concerning contractor qualifications and make recommendations as to contractual award.

October 1991 - July 1993 Jorge Scientific Corporation, Sidewinder Foreign Military Sales Division Arlington, Virginia


Job Description:

Procured support equipment for the Sidewinder air-to-air missiles sold to foreign governments by the United States Navy. Analyzed publications for usable information to determine delivery status of equipment. Interfaced with foreign representatives and discussed the execution of their contracts with the US Navy and provided them with information concerning the delivery of the equipment ordered. Resolved delivery and supply problems and assisted in streamlining the supply system through creative thinking and formalized techniques. Conducted market research for price and availability (P&A) of support equipment. Edited and published Price and Availability data for use soliciting new procurement contracts with potential client countries

Additional duties:

Contract Administration:

Performed monthly billing for submittal to prime contractor. Conducted contract evaluations and performance summaries. Produced certificates of performance, monthly progress reports, invoice summaries, purchase vouchers, and funding expenditure charts.

Computer Programming

Maintained and managed three databases for over six thousand records. Trained and supported Sidewinder Missile Division personnel.

Advisory Committee:

Participated in meetings to discuss the expansion of corporate capabilities.

Document Translator:

Translated technical manufacturing specifications from German to English.

Graphics Support:

Provided graphics support for use in proposals, presentations, and pamphlets for foreign military sales.

Other Relevant Experience:

  • Part Time employment with SureClick Promotions to provide original PhotoShop illustrations for Internet Ads.
  • Words and Pictures to provide Web Site, computer and graphics support for two years
  • Produced 30 pieces of original label artwork for DNM Corporation of Rockville,
  • Part Time employment with Jorge Scientific Corporation to provide computer and network support for NASA Science Conference and graphic illustration support for Naval Research Advisory summer study as well as Hughes Aircraft Simulation Corporation
  • Additional experience creating logos and brochures for: United States Marine Corps Office of Countermine Warfare in Arlington, VA; Full Moon Bakery of Ft. Washington, MD; Computer Ideas and Imagination of Chesapeake, VA; Tidewater Prosthetics of Norfolk, VA; Bicycle Emergency Response Team of Bethesda, MD; Mailboxes and More, McLean, VA.
  • I have also provided illustrations and text layout for a patent application.

AOL/NOVA Web Programmers Certification: completed course work for programming language C levels one and two, Java levels one and two, JavaScript, one and two, PERL and Database Bound Applications on the web <Cold Fusion and some SEQUEL database in that course>.

Lexington, VA
August 1986 - December 1990 Bachelor of Arts in History, Minor in English

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