It Has Begun!
Trebuchet progress report.

I have started the build. Lumber for the project was purchased from Home Depot for more money than I like to admit, as well as a replacement screen door that didn't fit. Alas. Return aisle for me. I digress.

The Trebuchet construction began during the week in several nights from the hours of 10pm until 2AM. Most of the time was spent scaling up the design which was purchased from last year about this time, but not executed. The problem is the physics involved and the need to over engineer, given the amounts of energy produced by the mass in motion. I believe the plans were labeled "War Wolf".

The initial build was held up for mid construction decisions involving the final struts for the uprights. I've departed from the design, which I am wont to do, in order to make things a bit more impressive. Preliminary range estimates are between 100-150 yards which will neatly land these pumpkins in the woods beneath my house. Dare I dream that I might actually be able to threaten river traffic.

I hope to keep a phone cam record of the build as the party night grows closer. I also hope to test fire it before the festivities.

Photo number 1: (that's an 8 in skil saw for comparison. The uprights are over 7 feet tall.)

This is gonna be GREAT!   : )

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