A Day behind ...
Trebuchet progress report.

As you can see, there's been progress, although not as much as I'd like. there's gussets and the throwing arm and the counterweight to assemble, not to mention the axle to cut. All in all, the shorter part of the build, yet hour and hours.

So now it's positioned, leveled and reconstructed in my driveway, pointed at the black walnut downslope whose canopy branches I hope to clear with pumpkins aplenty. If I can manage that, I MIGHT be able to hit the river. :) For those of you making the observation that I'd likely have to alter the layout of my garage to extract the base as depicted in the previous picture, I say ... pshaw. This is a fully mobile trebuchet.

You MAY notice the mountain the background. That is overlook 1 from the Shendoah National Park. My camera is not as good a phone as I'd like. Or ... my phone is not as good a camera as I'd like. Regardless, what you're missing from this poor capture are the golds, red, and yellows amongst the green. This past weekend, the two major roads from 66 into Front Royal were backed up for miles by people looking at those leaves. I expect that next week, it'll either be prime time or just past.

Photo number 2: (That's a Clifford the Big Red Dog scooter, for scale ... with trunk open)

This is gonna be GREAT!   : )

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