Still ... a Day behind and yet, progress.
Trebuchet progress report.

Last night I was sure the neighbor, a Fairfax County Police Officer and former Marine was going to start taking pot shots at me. It's amazing how sound carries in the cold night air. I could hear my taps and whacks with the rubber mallet echo back from across the river. I hope he wasn't listening and cursing.

You wouldn't know it to look at the picture below, but that work which looks so small was very technical. This is where all the magic happens. It's part bearing and part axle guide. All lines must be straight or the axle won't be straight. If the axle isn't straight, the throwing arm won't be straight. If the throwing arm isn't straight, the very ... very heavy counterweight bucket will also be out of align and bad, bad, bad things will happen.

So ... the gussets and bearing plates are done. The axle which is made from a 1963 Dodge Dart torsion bar is cut and ground. The throwing arm has been ripped down and the holes for the axle drilled through the root of the throwing arm and counterweight joint. That leave bucket assembly and sling assembly before testfiring, hopefully tomorrow night.

Photo number 3: (No items for scale today. Just a magestic looking piece of machinery in blue sky)

This is gonna be GREAT!   : )

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