Behold! A thing of beauty.
Trebuchet progress report.

It is ALIVE! Although, not complete. There's a little tuning, the sling, the chute and trigger assembly. These're all smallish, but important things. My biggest worry right now is how difficult it might be for reloading. The counterweight bucket is substantial in and of itself ... perhaps 60-70 pounds. It was a little difficult for me to manage lowering the throwing arm by myself.

However ... it is LARGELY complete and nice to look at. There's no ambiguity here. It is a machine meant for hurling things downslope. As Mike Curti put it, I'll never have to load the garbage into the truck again. I'll just load the trebuchet, and it's gone.

For those of you attending the party, you'll have to understand that operating this equipment is not entirely safe. It will require close watch of children and a couple extra hands to make the firing cycle happen quickly.

My thanks to Mary for taking the photo you see below.

Photo number 4: (standard 6 foot tall ladder next to the machine. It's pretty big.)

This is gonna be GREAT!   : )

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