Nothing short of AWESOME!
Whad'ya know. It WORKED!

(movies at the bottom)

This thing is the BOMB-Diggity! I had to continue construction of the trebuchet into the designated party time. Guests started arriving a hair early, but welcome nonetheless and then 3PM hit and people came in droves. Still no working trebuchet. Perfection cannot be rushed. It takes 9 months to brew a baby and this is no different. You DON'T want it too early.

The finally elements were the chute, sling and axle block assembly. Special thanks to:

  • Maziar Momeni and Scott Dueweke with countersinking bolts.
  • Mike and Andrew Hart with the trigger, axle caps and counterweight installation.
  • Kelly Musick with the chute and sling.
  • Dana Musick, Mike Trahar, Mercede Momeni, Dave and Terry Wray,
    Jonas and Michelle Gustafsson with all the inside party prep.

Also, special thanks to the Gun Crew without whom, loading and firing this weapon would not be near as speedy, safe or entertaining:

  • Charlie Delph, Master Gunnery Sergeant.
  • Buddy Clough, Gunnery Sergeant First class.
  • OT Baptista, Lance Corporal.
  • Hunter Trumbo, Private First Class.

And now for the reason you're here. Gregg Phalen isn't the best videographer. I'd never recommend him for a wedding. However, his shaky filmmaking and commentary are akin to combat photography or live sporting events for which his technique in filming the trebuchet in action is, again, perfection, somehow. He's got a knack that should get him on YouTube ... or maybe Jackass, if he keeps filming things like this.

Thanks Gregg. You the man.

Welcome to the Show that never ends. Come inside, the show's about to start.
This first video captures the essence of success. The only things missing? Champagne and a government contract. 1st flight, launching, appropriately, Gregg's "garbage" pumpkin
The second video provides the proof of reproducible success. It works! 2nd flight, GREAT crowd reaction of exploding pumpkin
( )
Alas, equipment failure. I had a problem with the sack (pouch). Too big a pumpkin, too much weight. Ripped the sack. Sack 2.0 worked too. What I like about this is that it proves the danger. Gregg's final comment in the last video doomed me. I got "cocky".
Listen to the screams of fear! "Get ready to RUN Tom!"

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